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refreshes today
I Love Myself

Nope I don't. Ironic really because most of the time it's the exact opposite. However, a (very) few people who come to my site think I'm full of myself, love myself, whatever. Why? Here are a few things people suggested:

  • Because they're jealous: They don't have a site, or want a domain and they hate you because you do, so they want to make you feel bad.

  • Because they're haters: Maybe you're a friend or have done a link exchange with someone they hate. Stupid, but there it is. Some pathetic people just spend all day surfing peoples' sites and putting nasty comments even when they like them and are coming back to them.

  • They've stolen something/direct linked: And now they feel guilty about it, so they try to persuade themself the site is actually crap.

  • They know you offline: And you've just had a big argument with them, so guess what the first thing is that they do?

  • They really do think you're full of yourself: But why? :P

Here's a few points for you 'haters' (and even other people :) to think about:

1. It doesn't bother me if you say you know of sites better than mine. Guess what? So do I! And they're listed on my Linkage page ;)
2. It doesn't bother me if you pick out stuff about me or swear. I'll just delete and move on, thinking....well I won't tell you that ;)
3. I don't care what you think of my layout, my site etc....who are you to judge when you don't even leave your site/email address so I can tell you exactly what I think of you or your site?

And finally,

1. Most people who flame don't leave their real name, email or site address.
2. If they do leave a site address, it's usually a one-page site with fluorescent colours, 400 things so you have to scroll for years, tacky music and free Bravenet things or Javascript games....And they criticise my site!
3. Some people leave fake URLs and names.
4. People leave a nasty message, saying how bad my site is, and then keep coming back. Funny, that one.
5. A small percentage are shallow and/or racist.
6. One person pretends to be about 5 different people - but I know it's the same person because I have their IP address. Or, to get round this, they get their little friend on AIM or MSN to flame too.
7. Someone pretends to be someone else, e.g. someone they've fallen out with or a webmaster/mistress from another site.

Hmm ok, so why did I make this page? Basically because I'm sick of people thinking that I'm stuck up, or whatever. Trust me, it's not gonna hurt me if you criticise me or my site. Constructive criticism is totally different. People (including me) learn from it. And let's face it, if I didn't get any negative feedback, then I wouldn't know what to change for the visitors would I?! But plain hate is something else altogether :/

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