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Avoid Scams

Although neopets is great, there are always people who want to spoil things for others. Here's a page on how to stop people from taking your hard-earned points and items.
Remember the Golden Rules
- if it looks too good to be true it is
- never give your password out or change your email for anyone
- report all scammers to

Fake Login Pages
How does the scam work? Basically, scammers create a fake login page, and somehow send the URL to you (either through an Instant Messenger, shop or email) you put in your name and password to log in, and the information gets sent straight to them, they log into your account and steal your stuff.
How do I avoid it? Always check that the URL is is in the beginning of your address bar. If it's not, then it's not the real site. If you think you've fallen for it, change your password immediately and report the page URL to
What Neopets have done about it They've changed their login page so you have to identify your pet before you log in. However, if you're not concentrating and automatically log in without checking then you could fall for this scam without realising. Variations on this scam People create pages which say 'Wow you can get 1,000,000 NP! I did! Just fill out the form below!' or something to that effect. Naturally, the only part of the form the scammer will be interested in is your username and password, which they will use to steal your stuff. Never, never fall for this. There is no way people can get you points like that, no matter how convincing they sound it's not true.

Cookie Grabbers
How does the scam work? Ok, you go in another user's shop, and see something you like the look of, and click the item. However, instead of buying the item, it takes you to an error page. Naturally, you click 'Back' and when you do it takes you to a fake shop set up like the ones on Neopets. Of course, you don't realise this and try to buy the item again. Next thing you know, the cookie file with your info on is sent to a database. The scammers remove their cookie, put yours in and go to Neopets. They are already logged in as you, and can't see your password but they don't need to as it's all in the cookie file. Next thing you know, you've lost everything and have no idea why.
How do I avoid it? If you are at someone's shop, and you try to buy an item and you immediately get taken to another page that 'Cannot Be Displayed' then there is a chance that you were at a cookie grabber site. At this point, quickly go into your browser function and delete your cookies. Then go back into Neopets and change your password, and report the shop to Neopets. Be very careful because it doesn't take much to lose your account to a cookie grabber scam.
What Neopets have done about it They've restricted what HTML you can use in shops etc. to minimise this happening.
Variations on this scam Instead of in a shop, it could be somewhere else, even another website that has nothing to do with Neopets (or looks as if it doesn't) :)

Star Password Scam
How does the scam work? People spread the idea that Neopets is really secure and if they post their password in chat or neomail, then it comes up like this: *******. The victim tries it, and of course it doesn't come up as stars but as their real password, at which point the scammer logs into their account, takes everything worth taking and changes the password.
How do I avoid it? Never post your password in any form on the site, or give it to anyone even if they're your 'friend' (online or offline).
What Neopets have done about it There isn't really much you can do about this, except banning people if they actually ask for passwords.
Variations on this scam Just the basic 'asking for passwords' scam really!

Fake Item Properties Scam
How does the scam work? 'There is an item called the Magic Fish. It's a toy but some people are trying to trade it off for a lot claiming that this toy gives out fish neggs. I know the magic fish doesn't give out fish neggs, but there will be someone out there who will believe it.' This applies to many thousands of items, and it's easy to buy an item highly overpriced because of this.
How do I avoid it? Check prices against the Shop Wizard before buying/trading something highly priced.
What Neopets have done about it -
Variations on this scam -

Fake Program Scam
How does the scam work? Someone tells you about a 'program' that they can use on your account, giving you lots of NP/items. They say they need your username and password and (usually) that it can't be a newbie account or account with no points/items (hmmm I wonder why - they normally say it's because it's a multiplier program and if you start with nothing you'll end up with nothing).
How do I avoid it? Never give out your username and password. However, this scam grabs a lot of people because they just can't resist the idea of so much (non-existant) free stuff.
What Neopets have done about it Can't do anything except warn people not to give out their password.
Variations on this scam n/a

Changing Email Scam
How does the scam work? Someone tells you to change the contact email address you gave to Neopets to another one (theirs) for whatever reason. They then use the 'Lost Password' feature to get your password emailed to them.
How do I avoid it? Never change your email address just because someone tells you to.
What Neopets have done about it Warned people against changing email addresses
Variations on this scam Exactly the same but asking you to change your password to a certain word rather than your email.

Retiring Items Scam
How does the scam work? This is really clever because most people don't even realise it's a scam. What scammers do is post in their shop or on the boards (but usually on the trading post) a pretty expensive item and say something like, 'Not for trade - about to retire'. This message quickly spreads and the price of the item involved rockets. However, if you're lucky and careful you could make a killing on this by selling/trading the item for an outrageous price. Be warned though - you're more likely to lose loads by buying the item at a fairly high price and being unable to sell it on, whilst the scammer has sold his/her 100 Sporkle Legs and made millions.
How do I avoid it? Ignore people who say items are going to retire, or have it clarified by Neopets whether it's going to retire.
What Neopets have done about it Nothing - but what can you do?
Variations on this scam People neomail you or Instant Message you telling you the item is going to retire and offering to sell it to you or suggesting you buy lots.

Selling Accounts Scam
How does the scam work? The scammer attempts to sell their account to you through ebay, email, an Instant Messenger or whatever. Either they take your money and don't give you the account, or give you the account with nothing in it.
How do I avoid it? Never buy an account. If someone gives you their account, that's totally different, but you shouldn't force them to.
What Neopets have done about it Warned its against the rules.
Variations on this scam Selling rare items and/or NP separately.

Pyramid Scams
How does the scam work? "Make Thousands of NP in Less Than 2 Months! I had no idea that making money could be so simple. This really works and this is NOT A SCAM! I have been scammed before and believe me, it isn't fun. If you would like to know the secret to making thousands of Neopoints quickly and easily, make me one of your Neo friends and send me any one of the following: a Codestone (any), a Faerie (any), a Map Piece (any), or a Paint Brush...You can ask me if I will accept anything else. Once I recieve one of these items from you I will send you the secret ASAP(As Soon As Possible, but please be prepared to wait I am not on Neopets 24/7...believe me it will be worth the wait). *Guarantee* I guarantee the following: You have my promise that this is not a scam. I will send you the secret once I recieve your item. I don't blame you if you have doubts. This may sound too good to be true but I wouldn't go through the trouble if I didn't want to help you out. I bet you're asking why I just can't tell you the secret. Well, I want to help you but I'd like to help myself too and think of it this way: If you send me one of those items, you will be able to buy as many as you like once you have the secret. I don't like to be scammed and so I WON'T SCAM."
This is an example of text in someone's shop, but I have also seen them in user lookups, on the trading post - everywhere! In this example, if you send this shop an item, you will get the secret - which is to copy and paste this into your shop. So obviously it spreads quickly by unsuspecting people which is why it's known as a pyramid scam. It's to be avoided at all costs because not only were you scammed, you've now become a scammer yourself.
How do I avoid it? Basically, don't paste anything like it in your shop or whatever - it's against Neopets' TOS and your account will be frozen.
What Neopets have done about it See above
Variations on this scam Different wordings about available prizes.

Contest/Giveaway Scam
How does the scam work? You go to a shop and the items like dung, omelettes etc. are priced at 10,000 or something. The shopkeeper says if you buy something, you'll have the chance to win a paint brush (or whatever), or they'll send you one. You buy - and never hear from the shop again.
How do I avoid it? Don't listen to people who say stuff like this - if they were going to give away a prize like that every time someone bought something from their shop, they'd have nothing at all. Some contests can be real, unless the shop owner gives their friend a prize, who immediately returns the prize back to them so they can use it again. All contests have been banned, so don't take the risk.
What Neopets have done about it See above
Variations on this scam It could happen on the trading post, for junk items.

Also be aware of...
Scammers who like the look of your pet and claim it was theirs a long time ago (don't give your pet away!)
Making sure you log off if playing Neopets on a public computer.
The fact that you shouldn't carry around large amounts of NP. As well as being dangerous if it gets stolen, you may also be tempted to buy junk you don't want/need, or accidentally buy something more expensive than it looks.
Chain letters - don't carry them on. It's not true that Neopets will close, you'll get codestones, or whatever. There are lots of people out there who report users if they see them spreading chain letters.
People pretending to be staff - staff will NEVER ask for your password, no matter how believable it sounds don't give it to them!!

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